100 Floors Levels 1 to 10 Walkthrough

100 Floors is a very addictive game. The first few levels were very easy but I still wanted to share the complete walkthrough for this game. Here are the walkthrough for level 1 to 10, you can either see the video or read the steps for each level. Enjoy!!
100 floors walkthrough level 10

100 Floors Level 1 – Tap the green arrow to open the door.
100 Floors Level 2 – Move the garbage can aside and take the green arrow behind it. Place the green arrow in the elevator empty up button slot. Tap the green arrow to open the door.
100 Floors Level 3 – Shake your phone to open the door.
100 Floors Level 4 – Use two fingers to slide both doors open at the same time.
100 Floors Level 5 – Shake your phone to make the ladder drop.
100 Floors Level 6 – Move the plant on the right away. Tap the sun symbol behind it and the 3 sun symbols on the door to open it.
100 Floors Level 7 – Tilt the phone to slide the rock on top of the red button.
100 Floors Level 8 – Move the fruits aside until you get the banana. Feed the banana to the gorilla.
100 Floors Level 9 – Tap the 4 small round button in the 4 corners to match the big circles in the centre. Match the inner and outer colours.
100 Floors Level 10 – Shake your phone to make the snake disappear. Slide your finger along the arrow to open the door.

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