100 Floors Levels 11 to 20 Walkthrough

100 Floors game gets harder from level 11 and I have heard many of my friends complaining that level 11 is harder than the next levels. Anyways here I am sharing the walkthrough video and steps for level 11 to 20. Please do share your views!!
100 floors walkthrough level 20

100 Floors Level 11 – Tilt the phone to make the balls move. Align both balls in the centre hole, hold it there till the three lights turn on.
100 Floors Level 12 – Tap the red buttons on the floor to make the ball jump up. Tap the red buttons till the ball reaches the top and turn the lights green. Switch on both the lights.
100 Floors Level 13 – Shake the phone until the hammer drops down. Take the hammer and use it to break the wall.
100 Floors Level 14 – Tap and hold your finger on the green hand print scanner on the right until all the lights turn on.
100 Floors Level 15 – Find the code from the symbols on the top. (Look for the empty spaces in the symbols.) Code: 1643
100 Floors Level 16 – Take the screwdriver on the left and use it to remove the 4 screws. Take the metal plate. Turn the phone upside down to open the door.
100 Floors Level 17 – Tilt the phone to slide the ball over the blue button to press the button. The bars on the door indicates the sequence to press the buttons. (Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right)
100 Floors Level 18 – Tap the blue cube to turn it on. Turn on all 5 at the same time. Try tapping all the ones on the left first before starting the ones on the right.
100 Floors Level 19 – Take the rag on the floor and use it to clean off the cobweb on the right door. Continue using the rag to clean both doors.
100 Floors Level 20 – Take the screw on the floor. Move the yellow signboard aside. Put the screw into the hole behind signboard. Use the screwdriver to tighten the screw.