100 Floors Levels 21 to 30 Walkthrough

Hope you guys found walkthrough for level 11 to 20 useful. I feel that as the level increases it gets difficult and I had to take some time to unlock each level. But it’s very addictive and here is the walkthrough for levels 21 to 30. Share your views on each level below.
100 floors walkthrough level 30

100 Floors Level 21 – Hold the phone upright until all the lights turn on.
100 Floors Level 22 – Use the hammer to smash the statue on the right. North, East, West, South. Slide the door up, right, left then down.
100 Floors Level 23 – Tap the green light to switch on the lights. Put the metal plate on the door. According to the arrow on the door, tap the flowers from right to left.
100 Floors Level 24 – Use two fingers to slide and hold the door up. Use another finger to tap on the green arrow.
100 Floors Level 25 – Arrange the dots on the door to match the circles on the floor. Lowest, Highest, High, Low
100 Floors Level 26 – Rearrange the batteries so that it provides 100 V. Put one 5V and 1V in the left slots. Put the 20V and 1V in the centre slots. Put the 5V and 20V in the right slots.
100 Floors Level 27 – Slide the right silver box to the right. Use the hammer to smash the crack on the wall. Take the crank and insert it into the hole in the centre of the door. Turn the crank until all the lights turn green.
100 Floors Level 28 – The dots on top of the door are instructions to open the door. Tap the door according to the pattern of the dots. Wait for the rainbow colours to disappear before tapping again. Tap the door twice, thrice, once and twice.
100 Floors Level 29 – The sign on top of the door means no movement. Put the phone flat down on a table for the bomb to start counting down and blow up the door.
100 Floors Level 30 – Check the current time on your phone. Adjust the clock to match the current time and pull the lever.