100 Floors Levels 41 to 50 Walkthrough

Sorry for not posting for the past two days, I was busy with work and I had little time to play 100 Floors. Anyhow I was able to complete more levels(thanks to my brain and youtube :)), I will be sharing levels 41 to 50 walkthrough here, as always both video and steps.

100 Floors Level 41 -Tap the ants to make it move. Try to make out the shape that the ant is trying to draw. Change the picture on the door to match the shape of the ant’s path. (Top Row: Triangle, Line Bottom Row: 2 triangles)
100 Floors Level 42 – Tap the switch on the bottom right corner to see the two shapes on the door. Slide the door left, right, up and down to open the door. Tap on shapes on the door to change it. Rotate the order of the shapes so that they will match the two shapes you saw on the door. (triangle, square, circle, inverted square)
100 Floors Level 43 – Move away the two plants. Put the metal ball into the slot on the left. Rotate your phone to navigate the metal ball to the other end.
100 Floors Level 44 – Slide away the plant. you see 1G 2W 3B 4W. 1 Gray, 2 White, 3 Black and 4 White. Match them with colours on the door.
100 Floors Level 45 – Use the hammer to break the blower on top of the door. Take the knife at the bottom left and use it to releases the balloon. Tilt your phone to navigate the balloon to touch the button. Retry if the balloon blow up.
100 Floors Level 46 – Match the image on the door to the ones on the floor.
100 floors level 46
100 Floors Level 47 – Adjust the tiles on the door to close the circuit.
100 floors level 47
100 Floors Level 48 – Use the knife to remove the vines on the door. Count the number white, yellow and pink flowers. Light up the same number of lights in the column. W=5, Y=5, P=4
100 Floors Level 49 – Tap the tiles: Pa, S, S, W, O, Rd
100 Floors Level 50 – Keep tapping on the door to build up the green bar on top of the door. Trying using two fingers.