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Blokheads is a new app by James Porter, a new twist on the classic icon style pop trivia game, meet the BlokHeads. They’re hilarious, they’re adorable, they’re confounding. As always we will be helping you with answers to all levels of Blokheads here, if you need solution for any specific level comment below.
blokheads answers
Blokheads Movies Answers – Movies 1
1 – Brown coat red bow-tie – Pee Wee
2 – Brown hair, brown bow-tie, violet coat – Willy Wonka
3 – Black Mask – Wayne
4 – Blonde, Glasses, Blue dress – Garth
5 – Black hair, Grey dress, Light green head, ears – Frankenstein
6 – Black hair, White coat with black collar – Manero
7 – Black hair, red bandanna, brown strip across shoulder – Rambo
8 – Brown hair, Dark brown bandanna, Black coat, Brown strip across shoulder – Indiana
9 – Grey hair, Dark Green coat, Scar in forehead, Yellow-red tie – Harry
10 – Black hair covering forehead forming a triangle shape – Severus
11 – Brown background, ‘M’ Shaped light brown body – Rubeus
12 – Yellow hair, Brown coat with green collar, Green tie – Draco

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