Dooors 3 Room Escape Walkthrough – Levels 1 2 3 4 5

Dooors 3 room escape is a new app by 58 works and they are famous for Dooors and Dooors 2. We were the first to share walkthrough for all the levels of Dooors 2 when the app was released in IOS. Here we are the walkthrough for the first 5 levels of Dooors 3.
dooors 3 room escape walkthrough
Dooors 3 Level 1
Tap on the key until it falls, pick it up and open the door. Move to level 2.
dooors 3 level 1
Dooors 3 Level 2
Dooors 3 level 2 is all about tapping the door until all the bulb turns green, then tap on the door one more time and it opens. Move to level 3.

Dooors 3 Level 3
In level 3 you will see 2 robot dogs right and left, tap the right one and move a bit, then tap the door. Move to level 4.
dooors 3 level 3
Dooors 3 Level 4
You will see two white round button on either side of the door. Tap them to draw a line on the wall that goes all the way. Now tap on the door.
Dooors 3 Level 5
You will see a moving plank on top of the door. Now tilt your phone upside down until it moves, tap on the door and move to level 6.
dooors 3 level 5