Hi Guess the Character Answers

Hi Guess the Character is an addictive game by Man Zhang who are responsible for providing awesome apps like hi guess the place, movies and brand. This app involves identifying the characters, you can use coins or ask your friends if you get stuck in certain level. I will be updating this post with solution as and when I finish these levels.
hi guess the character answers
Level 1 – 1 to 11
Level 1-1 Donald Duck
Level 1-2 Sulley
Level 1-3 Joker
Level 1-4 Jack Sparrow
Level 1-5 Snoopy
Level 1-6 Superman
Level 1-7 Buzz Lightyear
Level 1-8 Spock
Level 1-9 Dracula
Level 1-10- Mickey Mouse

Level 1-11 Mario

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