Hi Guess Who Answers

Hi Guess Who is a new app by Man Zhang, this app is similar to hi guess the movie and guess the brand. All you have to do is guess who that personality is, you can use coins to reveal words or remove extra characters. We will be helping you out with answers for all levels here.
hi guess who answers
Hi Guess Who Level 1 Answers
Level 1-1 Chaplin
Level 1-2 Einsten
Level 1-3 Elvis
Level 1-4 Lady Gaga
Level 1-5 Lebron James
Level 1-6 Lincoln
Level 1-7 Michael Jackson
Level 1-8 Napoleon
Level 1-9 Obama
Level 1-10 Steve Jobs
Hi Guess Who Level 2 Answers

Level 2-11 Adele
Level 2-12 Adolf Hitler
Level 2-13 Ali
Level 2-14 Audrey Hepburn
Level 2-15 Bill Gates
Level 2-16 Bruce Lee
Level 2-17 Bruno Mars
Level 2-18 Chavez
Level 2-19 Coco Chanel
Level 2-20 Da Vinci
Level 2-21 Dwayne Johnson
Level 2-22 Jack Nicholson
Level 2-23 John Cena
Level 2-24 Justin Bieber
Level 2-25 Katy Perry
Level 2-26 Kobe Bryant
Level 2-27 Marilyn Monroe
Level 2-28 Michael Phelps
Level 2-29 Nicki Minaj
Level 2-30 Oprah Winfrey
Level 2-31 Princess Diana
Level 2-32 Rafael Nadal
Level 2-33 Rihanna
Level 2-34 Schwarzenegger
Level 2-35 Sharapova
Level 2-36 Stevie Wonder
Level 2-37 Tiger Woods
Level 2-38 Van Gogh
Level 2-39 Vin Diesel
Level 2-40 Warren Buffett

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