Icomania Answers for Android

I started playing Icomania in my Nexus 7 tab recently(heard they have more levels than IOS version and got updated recently) and found it very addictive, engaging. I had to google for some answers but found that they were not organised efficiently. Hence decided to create this post to share answers for the Android version. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. I have also provided to which category the answer belongs like city, countries, characters, famous people, TV and movies.
icomania answers

Icomania Answers Android – Level 1 (1 to 11)

Shrek (Tv and Movies)
Elvis (Famous People)
Batman (Character)
Lion King (Tv and Movies)
France (Country)
Italy (Country)
Facebook (Brand)
Nemo (Character)
New York (City)
Youtube (brand)
Will Smith (Famous People)

Icomania Answers Android – Level 2 (12 to 45)

Ice Age (Tv and Movies)
ET (Character)<

Hangover (Tv and Movies)
Egypt (Country)
Baywatch (Tv and Movies)
Whatsapp (Brand)
Pisa (City)
Charlie Chaplin (Famous People)
Zorro (Character)
Steve Jobs (Famous People)
Aladdin (Tv and Movies
Darth Vader (Character)
Armstrong (Famous People)
Johnny Depp (Famous People)
Harry Potter (Character)
Windows (Brand)
Einstein (Famous People)
Sydney (City)
Spotify (Brand)
Flintstones (Tv and Movies)
Ikea (Brand)
Homer (Character)
Jurassic Park (Tv and Movies)
Sherlock Holmes (Character)
Switzerland (Country)
Mastercard (Brand)
Ghostbusters (Tv and Movies)
Intel (Brand)
Robin Hood (Character)
Spiderman (Character)
Pinocchio (Character)
Mexico (Country)
Simpsons (Tv and Movies)
Avatar (Tv and Movies)

Icomania Answers Android – Level 3 (46 to 85)

Finding Nemo (Tv and Movies)
The Matrix (Tv and Movies)
Star Wars (Tv and Movies)
James Bond (Tv and Movies)
Las Vegas (City)
Knight Rider (Tv and Movies)
Pacman (Brand)
Visa (Brand)
Levis (Brand)
Rome (City)
Indiana Jones (Character)
Obama (Famous People)
Amazon (Brand)
Ebay (Brand)
Superman (Character)
San Francisco (City)
Rio De Janiero (City)
Bambi (Character)
Bart (Character)
Zuckerberg (Famous People)
Justin Bieber (Famous People)
A-Team (Tv and Movies)
Kenny (Character)
Men In Black (Tv and Movies)
Jack Sparrow (Character)
Tetris (Brand)
Dubai (City)
Ferrari (Brand)
Gandalf (Character)
Scream (Tv and Movies)
Chrome (Brand)
Simba (Character)
Skype (Brand)
Washington (City)
Audi (Brand)
Wilson (Brand)
Giify (Character)
Marge (Character)
Seattle (City)
Lg (Brand)

Icomania Answers Android – Level 4 (86 to 130)

Berlin (City)
Usa (Country)
Frodo (Character)
Lexus (Brand)
Terminator (Character)
China (Country)
Psy (Famous People)
Brazil (Country)
Star Trek (Tv and Movies)
London (City)
Bill Gates (Famous People)
Ray-Ban (Brand)
Hannibal (Character)
Adidas (Brand)
Japan (Country)
Che Guevara (Famous People)
Oceans Elecen (Tv and Movies)
Doodle Jump (Brand)
Kodak (Brand)
Canada (Country)
Australia (Country)
Donald Duck (Character)
Fila (Brand)
Lord of the rings (Tv and Movies)
Dell (brand)
Tarzan (Character)
Sony Ericsson (brand)
Troy (Tv and Movies)
Kill Bill (Tv and Movies)
Pulp Fiction (Tv and Movies)
Lisa (Character)
Hello Kitty (Brand)
Nestle (Brand)
Red Bull (Brand)
Spongebob (Character)
Heineken (Brand)
Godzilla (Tv and Movies)
Oakley (Brand)
Linux (Brand)
WallE (Character)
Nivea (Brand)
Charlie Sheen (Famous People)
Michael Jackson (Famous People)
Paris (City)
Suzuki (Brand)

Icomania Answers Android – Level 5 (131 to 163)

Marilyn Manson (Famous People)
Continental (Brand)
Scrooge Mcduck (Famous Character)
Gillette (Brand)
Snoop Dogg (Famous People)
Dunlop (Brand)
Germany (Country)
Bill Clinton (Famous People)
Barbie (Character)
Garfield (Character)
Titanic (Tv and Movies)
Kanye West (Famous People)
Excel (Brand)
Canon (Brand)
Marilyn Monroe (Famous People)
Dolby (Brand)
Ariel (Tv and Movies)
Chuck Norris (Famous People)
Stallone (Famous People)
United Kingdom (Country)
Athens (City)
Tom and Jerry (Character)
Michael Jordan (Famous People)
Tom Hanks (Famous People)
Asics (brand)
Fidel Castro (brand)
Moscow (City)
Hermione (Character)
Blackberry (Brand)
Dumbo (Character)
Adobe (Brand)
Popeye (Character)
Bp (brand)

Icomania Answers Android – Level 6 (164 to 192)

Toy Story (Tv and Movies)
Greenpeace (brand)
Ken (Character)
Hulk Hogan (Famous People)
Spain (Country)
Kelloggs (Brand)
Dicaprio (Famous People)
Kraft (Brand)
Cleopatra (Famous People)
Harley Davidson (Brand)
Reebok (Brand)
Paris Hilton (Famous People)
Lamborghini (Brand)
Schwarzenegger (Famous People)
Mel Gibson (Famous People)
Mgm (Brand)
Honda (Brand)
Neo (Character)
Mitsubishi (Brand)
Quiksilver (Brand)
Hard Rock Cafe (Brand)
Hawking (Famous People)
Muhammad Ali (Famous People)
Sex And The City (Tv and Movies)
Millionaire (Tv and Movies)
Ron (Character)
Herbie (Character)
Cuba (Country)
Universal (Brand)

Icomania Answers Android – Level 7 (193 to 219)

Twitter (Brand)
Warner (Brand)
Voldemort (Character)
Nokia (Brand)
Pocahontas (Tv and Movies)
Word (Brand)
Madonna (Famous People)
Pluto (Character)
Armstrong (Famous People)
Mozilla (Brand)
Wwf (Brand)
Alf (Character)
Napster (Brand)
George Clooney (Famous People)
India (Country)
Peter Pan (Character)
Pirelli (Brand)
Kevin Costner (Famous People)
Macgyver (Tv and Movies)
Putin (Famous People)
Subway (Brand)
Wikipedia (Brand)
Opera (Brand)
Omega (Brand)
Brad Pitt (Famous People)
Caesar (Famous People)
Yamaha (brand)

Icomania Answers Android – Level 8 (220 to 263)

Jackie Chan (Famous People)
Jungle Book (Tv and Movies)
Lebron James (Famous People)
Los Angeles (City)
Footlocker (Brand)
Alice (Tv and Movies)
Cairo (City)
Venezuela (Country)
Acer (Brand)
Pakistan (Country)
Breaking Bad (Tv and Movies)
Clint Eastwood (Famous People)
Captain America (Character)
Lost (Tv and Movies)
Mowgli (Character)
Eastpak (Brand)
Bert (Character)
Gollum (Character)
Two and a half men (Tv and Movies)
Indonesia (Country)
Forrest Gump (Tv and Movies)
Magnum (Character)
Lara Croft (Character)
Jfk (Famous People)
Maserati (Brand)
The Avengers (Tv and Movies)
Beijing (City)
Spock (Character)
Captain Hook (Character)
Hulk (Character)
Optimus Prime (Character)
Dexter (Tv and Movies)
Dallas (Tv and Movies)
Big Bang Theory (Tv and Movies)
Netherlands (Country)
David Beckham (Famous People)
Tokyo (City)
Bugs Bunny (Character)
North Face (Brand)
John Travolta (Famous People)
Napoleon (Famous People)
Eminem (Famous People)
Armani (Brand)
Jaguar (Brand)

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