Infinity Blade III Walkthrough

I rarely play action games in my Iphone and Infinity Blade 3 is an exception. I have been playing Infinity Blade from its inception in 2010 and was very excited when thy announced the third edition during revelation of Iphone 5c/5s. Instead of boring you with write up on walkthroughs/gameplays for each of the acts I have decided to share videos here. I hope these videos would help you in having a better chance of completing the game. As always I will be here to help you with any queries regarding the app, feel free to comment below. Thanks to touchgameplay for the videos.

Infinity Blade III Walkthrough – Defeat Ashimar

This is the very first part of the app where you can find how to defeat Ashimar.

Infinity Blade III – How to obtain Imagine Dragon?

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