Kalaquli R – room escape game Walkthrough

Kalaquli R – room escape game is a new app by 58works, they are famous for apps like Dooors and Dooors 2. This game involves solving puzzles to escape a Ninja house, there are more than 50 secret puzzles and I am hooked to it at present. I will update this post with answers as and when I complete these puzzles, if you need help with any particular level comment below.
kalaquli r walkthrough
Kalaquli R – First Room Walkthrough
1) You will see a painting on the wall as soon as the game starts with a drawing of moon and a helmet on the table.
2) You should see two hooks at the edge of center beam, pull those hooks by swiping on them and then the white door will open.
Exploring Secret Closet – Here you’ll see a panel. Swipe down to open it up and you’ll see three buttons: pink, white and green. Each time you tap on a button, the design inside changes form. It seems a distinct pattern, make a note of it.
3) Now tap to zoom-out, then press the right side button and you will see white double door which appears locked. Now tap on the floor and this will open a secret door showing four missing discs, make a note of it.
4) Now zoom out, you will find a stick, save it by tapping. Also you will see the top shelf with some object, unfortunately you cannot reach that now.

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