Pic Plus Emoji Answers

Pic Plus Emoji – What’s the word is a new app by STC Apps and this game is unique at all levels, it combines emoji and pictures to provide some amazing puzzles. All we have to do is identify the word with the help of the emoji + picture. I have to warn you that it gets addictive and as the level progress it gets tough. If you get stuck in any of the levels don’t worry, I will provide solutions to all levels of Pic Plus emoji here.
pics plus emoji answers
Pic Plus Emoji Level 1 – Clock + Airplane – Time Flies
Pic Plus Emoji Level 2 – Camera + Cassette – Videotape
Pic Plus Emoji Level 3 – Chain + Boys with red and golden hair – Chain Gang
Pic Plus Emoji Level 4 – Cigarette + Gun – Smoking Gun
Pic Plus Emoji Level 5 – Corn + Dog – Corn Dog
Pic Plus Emoji Level 6 – Cloud / Sky + Mail – Air Mail
Pic Plus Emoji Level 7 – Cat + Sleep – Cat Nap
Pic Plus Emoji Level 8 – Airplane + Ambulance – Plane Crash
Pic Plus Emoji Level 9 – Tennis + Shoes – Tennis Shoes
Pic Plus Emoji Level 10 – Person Sleeping + man – Sleepy Head

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