Picasso Pop Answers

Picasso Pop is a new app by Gamoji Limited who are already famous for developing some quality apps like Emoji Pop and Emoji Pop guess the brand. This app contains original hand drawn puzzles and we have to identify our Favorite and Most Popular Movies, Celebrities, Places & Brands from them. I will make sure to update this post with answers to all the levels of Picasso Pop.
Picasso Pop Answers
Picasso Pop Level 1 Answers
Picasso Pop Level 1-0 – A Bat like figure with white background – Batman
Picasso Pop Level 1-1 – A Green tunnel with grey top – Mario
Picasso Pop Level 1-2 – A Black lady with red lips, white diamond shaped earrings – Oprah
Picasso Pop Level 1-3 – A Man with beard and tiger on top of his head – Hangover
Picasso Pop Level 1-4 – Man with orange hat, grey beard, shovel and apple in hand – Steve Jobs
Picasso Pop Level 1-5 – Yellow background with green spots and white teeth – Spongebob
Picasso Pop Level 1-6 – Green background, state of jesus with his hands wide open – Rio De Janeiro
Picasso Pop Level 1-7 – Black guy in king’s costume with crown and red robe – Lebron James
Picasso Pop Level 1-8 – A opened book showing a drawing like man and woman face – Facebook
Picasso Pop Level 1-9 – A tower in red background and a ring – Lord Of The Rings
Picasso Pop Level 2 Answers
Picasso Pop Level 2-10 –

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