PicSizzle Answers

Are you good with modern day phrases? let’s check that out with PicSizzle. This is an addicitive app which provides us two images to guess the modern phrase. As always this post will be updated with answers to all levels of PicSizzle.
picsizzle answers
PicSizzle Level 1 – A yellow bucket in the sand, A yellow notepad with a pen on it – Bucket List
PicSizzle Level 2 – Three people in suits holding yellow folders, A woman pouring wine into a glass – When it rains it pours
PicSizzle Level 3 – A red apple, A brown eye – Apple of my eye
PicSizzle Level 4 – Three people in suits holding yellow folders, A dog and cat hanging over a white fence – Raining cats and dogs
PicSizzle Level 5 – A red Ace of Hearts card, A brown hole made of dirt – Ace in the Hole
PicSizzle Level 6 – A water drop, A purple hat – Drop of a Hat
PicSizzle Level 7 – A person holding their foot, A white door in a white room – Foot in the Door
PicSizzle Level 8 – A red 6 , 6 pictures with different types of body parts – Sixth Sense

PicSizzle Level 9 – A drop of water into a pond, A brown bucket – Drop in the Bucket
PicSizzle Level 10 – A silver X , A shining light on to a stage – X Marks the Spot
PicSizzle Level 11 – A person with their arms up in the air facing clouds, A globe – On Top of the World
PicSizzle Level 12 – A Dime, A dozen eggs – Dime a Dozen
PicSizzle Level 13 – A person hitting a baseball with a bat, A road with green grass – Hit the Road
PicSizzle Level 14 – A bunch of red and orange leafs, A person sleeping on their desk – Fall Asleep
PicSizzle Level 15 – A cat looking up, A purple pursue – Cats Out of the Bag
PicSizzle Level 16 – Two on and off light switches, A red rope on gold poles – On the Ropes
PicSizzle Level 17 – A woman holding up two fingers and smiling , A wedding cake – Piece of Cake
PicSizzle Level 18 – A person with their arms up in the air facing clouds, A dog with sunglasses on and a red umbrella over their head – Top Dog
PicSizzle Level 19 – A furry dog , A thumb pointing down – Chow Down
PicSizzle Level 20 – A person with their thumb pointed down, A pile of garbage – Down in the Dumps
PicSizzle Level 21 – A green number 2, A woman touching her face with both hands – Two Faced
PicSizzle Level 22 – The inside of a house , The outside of a house – Inside Out
PicSizzle Level 23 – A number 1 edged in stone, An hour glass – Once Upon a Time
PicSizzle Level 24 – A blue sky, A woman with a flower in her head – Blue in the Face
PicSizzle Level 25 – A baker pulling around bread, A dozen brown eggs – Bakers Dozen
PicSizzle Level 26 – A woman stretching in her bed, A calendar – Up to Date
PicSizzle Level 27 – A bunch of people dancing , Rain falling on the ocean – Dancing in the Rain
PicSizzle Level 28 – A dog catching a frisbee, A silver Z – Catching some Zs
PicSizzle Level 29 – A person kicking a soccer ball, A silve bucket – Kick the Bucket
PicSizzle Level 30 – A silver number 9, A football field – Whole Nine Yards
PicSizzle Level 31 – The backseat of a car, A bunch of people in work uniforms – Inside Job
PicSizzle Level 32 – An open book, A person in all black – As Thick As Thieves
PicSizzle Level 33 – A black floppy disk , A person hitting a bell – Saved by the Bell
PicSizzle Level 34 – A watermelon with bite marks in it , A gold bullet – Bite the Bullet
PicSizzle Level 35 – A man carrying a woman on his back, Two cigars – Close but no Cigar
PicSizzle Level 36 – A pipe with water coming out of it , A person with their thumb pointed down – Pipe Down
PicSizzle Level 37 – Fire, A person pumping gas into the car – Add Fuel to the Fire
PicSizzle Level 38 – A bunch of people jumping in the air , A black gun – Jumping the Gun
PicSizzle Level 39 – A person with their hands in the air on top of a mountain , A man whispering something into a woman’s ear – Top Secret
PicSizzle Level 40 – A bunch of red lines and a red heart, A green bush – Beat Around the Bush
PicSizzle Level 41 – A picnic table with money on it , An iceberg – Tip of the Iceberg
PicSizzle Level 42 – A pile of potato chips, A brick wall – Chip Off the Old Block
PicSizzle Level 43 – A hammer, A piggy bank with coins under it – Break the Bank
PicSizzle Level 44 – A white background , A man with one hand raised and another with his fingers crossed behind his back – White Lie
PicSizzle Level 45 – A person walking with sneakers, A park with a view of the city – Walk in the Park
PicSizzle Level 46 – A cat sitting down, A woman sticking out her tongue – Cat got your Tongue
PicSizzle Level 47 – One potato chip, An x-ray of a person’s shoulder – Chip on your Shoulder
PicSizzle Level 48 – A closed brown box, A person getting a foot massage – Square Foot
PicSizzle Level 49 – A person’s foot being tickled by a white feather, A pink flower – Tickled Pink
PicSizzle Level 50 – Two pigs drinking out of a fountain, An airplane in the clouds – When Pigs Fly
PicSizzle Level 51 – A needle and pink thread, A pile of hey – Needle in a Haystack
PicSizzle Level 52 – A leaky faucet, A fly – Dropping Like Flies
PicSizzle Level 53 – A person holding up a black number 1, A moon on the water – Once in a Blue Moon
PicSizzle Level 54 – A baseball umpire, A person with one leg and one prostatic leg – Out on a Limb
PicSizzle Level 55 – A bunch of people walking down the hall, A Santa Clause blowing snow – Low Blow
PicSizzle Level 56 – A cracked phone, Three ice cubes – Break the Ice
PicSizzle Level 57 – A ruler , A person’s thumb pointed up – Rule of Thumb
PicSizzle Level 58 – A clock , A man in a suit pointing his thumb up – Time is Up
PicSizzle Level 59 – A person using a credit card on their computer, A person playing the bagpipes – Pay the Piper
PicSizzle Level 60 – A red puzzle piece, A red straw – Last Straw

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