Plants Vs Zombies 2 Cheats

I love Plants Vs Zombies 2 app, instead of providing complete walkthrough for each and every level I have decided to share cheats and tips to win levels. This list will be updated regularly and if you have anything to share regarding this game please do it in comment section. Also if you need help with any level or any aspect of the game feel free to contact me.
1) Plant Catapults are very useful when it comes to destroying all the zombies on the screen. So always have a rooftop plant.
2) Zombies will always attack you in the same pattern, so if you get out make sure to note their pattern and plan accordingly when attacking them the next time.
3) I am sure you would have noticed the annoying seagull zombie in Plants Vs Zombies 2, if you are wondering how to kill the Seagull Zombies then fear not. You can use kernel catapult to kill them. Make a note of it the next time you face them.
4) Want to know how to kill Yeti Zombie in Plants Vs Zombies 2, here you go – Whenever the yeti appears on the screen go after it and kill it. Sadly that is the only way to make rid of this annoying creature.
5) Getting treasure from Yeti Zombie – If the treasure Yeti is about to leave the screen I recommend you to restart the level, it will come back and you can kill it. If it leaves that’s the end of treasure for that level.
6) The most difficult thing in Plants Vs Zombies 2 is surviving the Last Stand III in the Pirate world, I am going to help you with that – use only Bonk Choy and Spikeweeds and just watch as as the zombies die.
7) Purple level of Plants Vs Zombies involves choosing cards, if you don’t like any of the cards restart the app. You will be shown a new set, remember this cheat it will come in handy during purple level.
8) Don’t under estimate plant food, use them to make a plant that is in its refresh time. Try using this on coconut cannons.
9) Plants Vs Zombies 2 Coins Cheat – If you’re short on money in a level where you need more plants make sure that you only plant Snapdragons, Threepeater or other plants that shoot into more than one lane. Make sure you plant these at least one lane away from each other.
10) Sunflowers plays a huge role in Plants Vs Zombies 2. Plant atleast 10 Sunflowers and protect them with mines, you will thank me later.

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