7 famous players are gone, Preparing to move the football market team in January

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Now with less than three months left, the second round of the transfer market will be open again. And this work would have many clubs that are preparing to strengthen the army to improve the team’s deficiencies fully. At the same time, some players are prepared to find this opportunity to move on to new opportunities in the footballer‘s life.

Players such as Luis Suarez, Bruno Fernandes and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were among the players who moved to the English Premier League during the winter transfer window. And these players have created a phenomenon for their agency. until becoming a favorite player in just a short time

 It is not uncommon that during this period, rumors began to ripple out about the transfer of many players by this work, “The Sun”, the media in the city. Major transfers are expected in the coming January, with either 

Ollie Watkins or Dominic Calvert-Lewin a move to Arsenal

Arsenal need a new striker to replace Alexandre Lacazette, the French forward who is out of contract at the end of the season. And of course they want players with the same potential. French blood shooting star

 At this time, manager Mikel Arteta’s team is trying to look for a good spearhead at an affordable price. And can be bought to use immediately during the winter football market. In this event, they have two choices to choose from.

 For both players, they are regarded as the shooting stars of the future in the good city football industry. And the England national team is Ollie Watkins, striker from Aston Villa and Dominic Calvert-Lewin. spearhead “Toffee Blue” Everton

Donny van de Beek moved to Everton.

Now, many of you can see that Raheem Sterling has a regular position in the bench. Last game against Liverpool at Anfield It is referred to as a spare tire on the side of the field. And before he got down, he helped in the middle of the second half.

 In this event, Sterling needs to find opportunities to play continuously. And it seems that he should have chosen to move to another club, which is not a normal team. Because of the giant feudalism in La Liga and Europe, that is Barcelona. 

 Many people think that the top team at Camp Nou will have enough capital to strengthen the army or not. Let’s just say that they still have the ability to build a team. because of the value of england wing It should be about 60 million pounds (about 2,640 million baht), which should not be less than the force for them.

Christopher Nkunku moves to Chelsea

RB Leipzig midfielder Christopher Nkunku, who scored a hat-trick against Manchester City in the Champions League in September, is one of the more interesting players. The players should be suitable for Chelsea’s tactics very well.

 Nkunku worked under the reign of German boss Thomas Tuchel when the two worked together at the Paris club. Saint-Germain And now it is reported that they are preparing to work together again in shirt colors. “Blue Lion”

 Nkunku’s agent Pini Zahawi previously confirmed he had the opportunity to hold talks with Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid over a 2022 move, but it appears “Sing the Blues. There should have been better taxes. and may be able to manage contracts with players

Paul Pogba moves to PSG

Having said that, Paul Pogba’s transfer has been epic for a long time from before the end of last season until the current season is still there because french soccer star He has yet to extend his contract with Manchester United.

 For now, time continues to go on, but Pogba’s contract expires next summer. It is unlikely to shake off the ink to renew the contract with the “Red Devils”. It is said that the players may decide the future during this Christmas period.

 For this reason, followers of “Red Army” may have to do because the club would choose to sell him out for a cheap price during January. Rather than willing to lose players for free for Paris Saint-Germain. 

 However, PSG are not complacent as Real Madrid and Juventus are reportedly closely monitoring Pogba’s situation as well, 

Allan Saint-Maximin. move to Liverpool

 If looking for fast and strong wings, besides Adama Traore, Wolves’ big wing, and Allan Saint-Maximin. The Newcastle United winger is dazzling, fierce, and not as strong as two.

 Saint-Maximin He is considered a player with a very cool style of pulling and dragging and of course Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp wants a player like this because it fits his tactics very well, nonetheless. The Reds have to compete with Chelsea, who are interested in players as well.

 Like I said, “The Reds” is probably the perfect destination for At the same time, many clubs are ready to make huge offers to persuade Mike Ashley, the club’s president, “Salikadong” to sell one of their best players in the club. During the month of January to come