Kepa Arrizabalaga : record holder and subs

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In this moment, Kepa Arrizabalaga Probably one of the best goalkeepers who is uncomfortable with the club’s only reserve status in the view of others.

         But the performance on the field every time I have to say that it’s impressive. Especially this season, playing in the cup and being a very important part. and referred to not being indifferent to the status quo

         In the UEFA Super Cup, penalty saves are save for the team to win the title. In the Carabao Cup with both Aston Villa and Southampton The team had to shuffle the penalties and save the team successfully through to the finals.

        Kepa Arrizabalaga saves 4 penalties from his last 3 games in charge. In total, eight penalty saves have been save with Chelsea since joining the club in 2018. Surpassing former record holder Petr Cech with six. As the Blues won three on penalties. consecutive and three wins in a single year for the first time in the club’s history.

         Today the Spaniard will discuss those stats and their ability to save penalties. As well as competing for a position with Eduard Mendy in the team’s number one position.

First of all, congratulations for setting a record this season, you saved eight penalties and it was a Chelsea record and now we won three penalties in a row for the first time. All because you guard the pole.

         I didn’t know I had a record of 8 saves and had never heard of a record of 3 consecutive penalty shootouts. But I’m very happy and proud to be the record holder. 

         So i am very happy. But the most important thing is the first time the team won the championship. The other two are qualifying for the next round.

         Ultimately, it’s about helping the team. Because I am happy to help the team when the opportunity arises and the stats follow. The most important thing for me is to go through to the next round and win.