The media reveal that Alli and Maria Guardiola are in love

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After being rumored to be in a relationship last May for Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli and Pep K’s daughter Maria Guardiola. Vardiola, Manchester City’s best manager

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that Alli and Maria are in a relationship that is in the most infatuated phase. And there is a picture that the couple came out of a famous restaurant in central London without hiding anything. fully open to the public

The news agency added that Pep had no problem with whom his daughter would be a girlfriend. Even if that person has a career in football that is directly related to his father. That said, giving her daughter the green light to want to be with whoever she wants. Alli

broke up with her ex-girlfriend, hot model, Ruby May, in February. Before the 25-year-old star came to know and dahlia blossomed with Maria from April to the present.

Maria is the eldest daughter of Pep and wife Christina, and she has a younger brother and sister, Marius, 18, and Valentina, 13.