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What’s the Picture? – the ultimate word quiz & guess game Answers

I always love to play What’s the picture game and have come across various versions of it. This is a new game by Quicksand Playground which I found very challenging and addictive. I am sharing the answers for all the level below. If you have request for any specific level please comment. You can find answers to What’s The Picture by Itchmania here.
whats the picture answers

What’s the Picture? Solution

Level 1 – Money
Level 2 – Banana
Level 3 – Toilet
Level 4 – Calculator
Level 5 – Laundry
Level 6 – Owl
Level 7 – Boots
Level 8 – Pirate
Level 9 – Nest
Level 10 – Hogs
Level 11 – Crack
Level 12 – Fruit
Level 13 – Bullfrog
Level 14 – Castle
Level 15 – Maracas
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