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Emoji Words Answers

Emoji Words is another app similar to Emoji Pop, but one good thing is this app is as addictive as the former one. You don’t need much explanation to play this game, all you have to do is identify the emoji combinations. We will be providing solution to all the levels released so far, do note that the puzzles might not appear in the same order so make sure to comment below if you need help with any level. Thanks Emoji Words blog for helping me with answers.
emoji words answers
Level 1 – Bad Luck
Level 2 – Sunflower
Level 3 – Love Sick
Level 4 – Seven Up
Level 5 – ATM Pin
Level 6 – James Bond
Level 7 – Snake Eyes
Level 8 – Seafood
Level 9 – Be Cool
Level 10 – Iphone
Level 11 – Apples And Oranges
Level 12 – Hotdog
Level 13 – Bikini Top
Level 14 – ATM Card
Level 15 – Paper Boy
Level 16 – Honey Bee
Level 17 – Bomb Shell
Level 18 – Hot Bath
Level 19 – Blood Drive
Level 20 – Burger King
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