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Food Pop Level 1 Answers

Food Pop is a new app by Gamoji Limited, they are already famous for developing Emoji Pop which has more than 500,000 users. Any foodie will love this app, you just have to combine the 4 ingredients to find the correct answer. Trust me you will feel hungry and it gets addictive. So play after dinner or lunch 😉 Here are the solutions for Level 1 of Food Pop.
food pop answers
Food Pop Level 1-1 – Hotdog
Food Pop Level 1-2 – Chilli Dog
Food Pop Level 1-3 – Bananna Split
Food Pop Level 1-4 – Waffles
Food Pop Level 1-5 – Cheese Burger
Food Pop Level 1-6 – Apple Pie
Food Pop Level 1-7 – Spaghetti
Food Pop Level 1-8 – Potato Chips
Food Pop Level 1-9 – Buffalo Wings
Food Pop Level 1-10 – Pretzel

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