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5 Reasons Why we miss the 80’s

The 1980’s a decade that began on January 1st 1981 to December 31st 1990 was a decade of great social and economic changes. The 1980’s was a gleeful year were Great people Fashion, Tv shows, toys, hair styles, music and so on are associated to. There are like a million reasons as to why we love the 80’s. Let’s take a tour through the decade that made us. If you still want to feel how the 80’s where play Guess The 80’s game by Random Logic Games. As always we will providing cheats and Guess The 80’s answers here,

Music during the 80’s:
MTV is synonymous when we talk about the 80’s music. MTV was launched on August 1’st 1981. MTV defined pop culture, changed generations and shaped the music Industry. The 1980’s was a new era of music where disco songs faded and Pop culture, hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal, Hip Hop and techno style of electronic dance music became some of the dominant music genres of the decade. Michael Jackson and Madonna were considered the king and queen of pop music. The 80’s also had other popular music artists and bands such as – Whitney Huston, U2, AC/DC, queen, Guns N Roses, Metallica and so on. The 80’s music was so influential and loved that even people of our generation still listen to them.

Fashion during the 80’s
The 1980’s fashion had heavy emphasis on heavy dressing and fashion accessories. It’s popularly known that in the 80’s they not only accessorised but ‘excessorised’ and loved it. The 80’s fashion was bold and people were trying to find themselves an identity.
Only in the 80’s we could find women wearing leg warmers, sweater and Miniskirts at the same time. Shoulder pads, skinny jeans, neon colors, miniskirts, huge earrings, aviators, head bands, fingerless gloves, oversized tops and so on were in fashion. Large hair do’s, puffed up hairs typified the decade. Men grew long hair, wore jackets, and wore heavy makeup and parachute pants.
We can find the 80’s fashion coming bag like the skinny jeans, hair do’s, Miniskirts, neon colors etc

Movies and TV shows of the 80’s:
The 80’s is known as the best decade of entertainment. There were so many great Movies and TV shows. This was the period when high concept films were introduced.
Ordinary people, Chariots of fire, Gandhi, Driving Miss Daisy, Platoon were some of the Amazing Oscar movies of that time. Ghost busters were one of the most famous Movies of that time which later also came out as animated series, toys, a breakfast cereal, and even a temporary Hi-C flavor. The highest grossing film of the decade was E.T- The extra terrestrial.
The 1980’s also had a great set of TV show which are still Known today. The 1980’s were a decade of transformation in television. Some of the Popular TV shows that premiered in the 80’s were- Alf, The A- team, Seinfeld and so on. TV talk shows also expanded in popularity. The Tonight show starring Johnny Carson was the most popular TV talk show.

Technology during the 80’s
There were significant and prominent technological advancements in the 80’s which has helped us evolve. Personal computers, CD’s, microwave, walkman, VCR’s, cell phones, and camcorders and so on are few technologies/ gadgets that defined the 80’s.

Toys and games during the 80’s:
Video games became a major industry of the 1980’s. Turrican, Pac-man, super Mario bros and so on received wide spread popularity. The Rubik’s cube became a popular fad throughout the decade. Cabbage patch kids, trivial pursuit, care bears, transformers, LEGO, Pictionary, ninja turtles and super soakers were the popular games among kids.
From MTV, Pop culture to personal computers and Rubik’s cube the 80’s decade was an exciting era. A Survey also showed that three-quarters of Americans believe the country was better off in the ’80s than now. We can also see that the finger prints of the 80’s best known for Rubik’s cube, personal computer, pop culture are still omnipresent in our lives. If you are playing Guess The 90s game then check out Guess The 90s answers here.

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