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Hungry Gows Mootown – Walkthrough

I have finished the Hungry Gows Mootown 20 levels and sharing complete walkthrough video below. You can share your views and comments below. Make sure to try the game on your own before watching this walkthrough video.
hungry gows walkthrough

Hungry Gows Mootown Levels 1 – 20 Walkthrough

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Hungry Gows Loomville – Walkthrough

I came across this simple physics based game called Hungry Gows and got hooked to it, thought it initially was simple it got better of me as I progressed. There are totally three cities in this game and Loomville is the very first one. You can find the walkthrough for entire 20 levels below. Enjoy and share your views.
hungry gows walkthrough

Hungry Gows Loomville Levels 1 – 20 Walkthrough

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