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Find The Word Answers

Find the Word – seven clues, one answer is a new game by Apprope, they are famous for releasing apps like what’s the pic, word & picture quiz. This game is simple and addictive, you will be given with one clue at a time(out of seven clues) and you have to guess the answer(keyword). For the next clue you have to use coins and it gets progressively expensive. This game is very addictive as I love such challenges and I am sure many are enjoying it like me. I am listing answers to all levels here.
find the word answers
Level 1 – Fish
Level 2 – Table
Level 3 – Dog
Level 4 – Coffee
Level 5 – Lie
Level 6 – Soccer
Level 7 – Mountain
Level 8 – Pajamas
Level 9 – Diamond
Level 10 – Worm
Level 11 – Chopsticks
Level 12 – France

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