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What’s The Movie? by Iddiction Answers

What’s The Movie? by Iddiction is different from other guess the movie apps in one simple way, you will be provided with images from the movie and the release date of the movie. You can guess the movie with the help of more images or by removing extra letters and with hints. All this can be done by buying more coins, if you are stuck in any level don’t worry I will be updating this post with answers to all levels.
what's the movie answers
What’s The Movie? Level 1 Answers
1) Godzilla
2) Liar Liar
3) Rocky
4) Braveheart
5) Mission Impossible
6) Aladdin
7) Ice Age
8) Gladiator
9) Batman Forever
10) The Matrix
What’s The Movie? Level 2 Answers
1) Ocean’s Eleven
2) The Sixth Sense
3) Dumb And Dumber
4) Cars
5) The Handover
6) Big Fish
7) The Party
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Whats The Movie Answers

Whats The Movie? by James Porter is a new game where you have to guess the movie with four different picture clues for each movie. This game is refreshing and addictive and they have different sets like 00s and beyond, 1990’s, 1980’s, 1970’s and before and son. It’s available for IOS at present and will hope to see it in Android soon. I have decided to share answers according to sets. If you need answer for any specific level just comment below.
whats the movie answers
00s and beyond Set 1 Answers
1) Hat, Gun, USA Flag, Man with beard – Lincoln
2) Web, Disc, Camera, Spider – Spiderman
3) Ring, Sword, Mountain, Dragon – The Hobbit
4) Buildings, Brain, Man Sleeping and dreaming, Spinning top – Inception
5) Blue van, red drawing, bacteria, coconut – Little Miss Sunshine
6) Man with medals, Dog, Upward arrow, Balloons – Up
7) Sword and shield, Helmet, Tiger, Fighting arena – Gladiator
8) Cake, Wedding dress, Meat, Red diamond shaped object with dice – Bridesmaids
9) USA map, Girl smiling, Cheer leader, book – Mean Girls
10) Robot, Trash, Rocket, Fork – Wall E
11) Painting, Potrait, Flag, Female Eye – Frida
12) Barell, alpha beta, Hammer, Home – Old School
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What’s the Movie by Cristiane Romao Answers

What’s the Movie? – The Ultimate FREE Movie Quiz Game to Play With Friends is a new addictive game by Cristiane Romao. It’s similar to 4 pics 1 words except you will be given 4 pics out of which only one will be open, you can use coins to reveal the other pics to guess the movie name. If you are a movie lover like me then you would love this game. You can find answers for this game here.
what's the movie answers
Level Pack 1 Answers
Level 1 – Brave
Level 2 – Finding Nemo
Level 3 – Toy Story
Level Pack 2 Answers
Level 1 – Inception
Level 2 – Indiana Jones
Level 3 – The Goonies
Level Pack 3 Answers
Level 1 – Blade Runner
Level 2 – The God Father
Level 3 – Titanic
Level Pack 4 Answers
Level 1 – Akira
Level 2 – Memento
Level 3 – Jaws
Level Pack 5 Answers
Level 1 – Beetlejuice
Level 2 – Karate kid
Level 3 – Top Gun
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