The Floor Escape Answers – All Levels

The Floor Escape is a popular addictive game now available for IOS developed by GlobeApps SRL. This app was released yesterday and already topping the download charts, I have started playing it and realized now why is it so popular. I could not keep my Iphone down until I finish all the levels. I will be updating this page with walkthrough to all levels, either via video(to some complex levels) or just description. If you need answer for any specific level buzz in the comment section.
the floor escape walkthrough
Level 1 – Just tap on switch to right side of the door to open, then tap on the green arrow move to next level.
Level 2 – Tap on the yellow round key from floor, use it to unlock the door.
Level 3 – Move the flower pot / plant pot to the middle of the door(from left side) which will reveal a red button, then press on the button on left side. Door will open move to next floor.
Level 4 – Use the fire-extinguisher available on the left side of the door to put out the fire. Then click on the door and move to next floor.
Level 5 – Shake your phone / ipad to right and left side, the glass door will slide open. Click on the green arrow and move to next level.
Level 6 – Tap on the hammer available on the left wall of the door, break all the bottles on the floor and all the bottles available adjacent to door. Door will open.
Level 7 – You should see a left arrow on the sack, tap on the sack until you move to it to left end. A right arrow on the box, just tap on it to move to right extreme. Then pick that phone like symbol and use it on the left side of the door. Move to next level.
Level 8 – Pick the electric bat and use it to kill three mosquitoes that appears randomly, the process is not smooth but doable. Then the door opens.
Level 9 – Tap on the carpet, you will find a lens there, just drag it to “X” mark on the right side of the door, it will open.
Level 10 – You will see letters in yellow, green, red and blue color and corresponding postbox on either side of the doors. Drop the letters carefully in the correct colored box. Door will open.
Level 11 – This is a bit completed, you have to complete the door puzzle to get a horse shaped image to open the door. You can check the screenshot of the solved puzzle here.
level 11
Level 12 – Place the pots in their appropriate color boxes on each side of the door, move to next level.
Level 13 – All you have to do is count the yellow flowers and blue sky on all the pictures. Input their values as “5” in blue paper and “6” in yellow paper. The door will open.
Level 14 – Just tap on these three butterflies multiple times so that they move to the light which appears on the top right corner. They will expand and vanish one by one, finally the door will open.
Level 15 – You can see an yellow arrow pointing from bottom to top on the right side, so place your yellow ducks in the order biggest to smallest bottom up. Then place the blue ducks top to bottom as the arrow is pointed in the opposite direction. The door will open and you can move to next level.
Level 16 – Just tap on the icons in the following order as in the screenshot below. The door will open.
level 16
Level 17 – You can see a fabric / cloth on the middle of the floor, tap on it and use it to clean the dirt on the right hand side of the wall, once you are done with it fully you will see a hand shapes symbol, tap on it continuously until the door opens.
Level 18 – Just swipe according to screenshot given below, the door will open.
level 18
Level 19 – Count the light around the door then combine it with number on the door. So you must tap: Red=3x, blue=0x, yellow=1x <–> yellow=3x, blue=3x, red=4x
Level 20 – First slide the door to the right, you can see four different colors, fill those colors on the box on the left side by tapping. Do the same thing to right side and the door will open.
Level 21 –

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