Tiny Thief Walkthrough Chapter 1

Tiny Thief is not just another puzzle app from Rovio, the game is interesting and intruging. I have spent most of my free time yesterday completing the game. Here is the complete walkthrough for Chapter 1 titled “A Rumbling Stomach”. This chapter involves helping our tiny thief to satisfy his belly by providing him with cheese, fish, pumpkins and more. Ofcourse you can do this by pinching on the respective items, it all comes to how you do this in this game.
tiny thief walkthrough
Chapter 1-1 A Cheesy Plan Walkthrough
1) Take the stinky cheese from the crate and drop it on the table next to soldier, you will find him puking and running away from the screen.
2) Now you have to open the glass jar and retrieve the cheddar.
3) You will see a juggler on the top(violet color dress), tap on him to make sure he drops the fruit in the white bowl below, now place the bowl on the furnace. You will have cupcakes ready to eat.
4) You will have to wait till your pal shows his head out of the potatoes on the left side of the screen, tap on him to move to the right.

Chapter 1-2 A Starving Friend Walkthrough
1) Jump out of the barrel to untie the rope and get back into it on time before the guard sees you, now you will see the guard running chasing a dog.
2) Make sure you pick up the sandwich, you can tap on the lute when the lute player goes for a break, it will fall down. Pick it up and this will be useful in a later level.
3) When the ferret pal shows his head out, tap on it and move to next level.

Chapter 1-3 Bait the Hook Walkthrough
1) Tap the crap so that it falls on the floor, hop out of the barrel and pick it.
2) Grab the fishing rod which you will notice on the left side of the screen end, now use it to hook the big fish(you will see the icon when you go near the big fish).
3) Now tap on the oyster shell twice, you will see a pearl on the floor. Pick it only when the guard is not noticing you. Now wait for the ferret pal to show his head, tap on it and move to next level.

Chapter 1-4 Pumpkin Soup Walkthrough

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