Whats The Movie Answers

Whats The Movie? by James Porter is a new game where you have to guess the movie with four different picture clues for each movie. This game is refreshing and addictive and they have different sets like 00s and beyond, 1990’s, 1980’s, 1970’s and before and son. It’s available for IOS at present and will hope to see it in Android soon. I have decided to share answers according to sets. If you need answer for any specific level just comment below.
whats the movie answers
00s and beyond Set 1 Answers
1) Hat, Gun, USA Flag, Man with beard – Lincoln
2) Web, Disc, Camera, Spider – Spiderman
3) Ring, Sword, Mountain, Dragon – The Hobbit
4) Buildings, Brain, Man Sleeping and dreaming, Spinning top – Inception
5) Blue van, red drawing, bacteria, coconut – Little Miss Sunshine
6) Man with medals, Dog, Upward arrow, Balloons – Up
7) Sword and shield, Helmet, Tiger, Fighting arena – Gladiator
8) Cake, Wedding dress, Meat, Red diamond shaped object with dice – Bridesmaids
9) USA map, Girl smiling, Cheer leader, book – Mean Girls
10) Robot, Trash, Rocket, Fork – Wall E
11) Painting, Potrait, Flag, Female Eye – Frida
12) Barell, alpha beta, Hammer, Home – Old School

13) Needle, Wrestler, Man depressed, Fighting in ring – The Wrestler
14) Donkey, Crown, Doll, greeen man – Shrek
15) Casket, Eyeball, Sword, Women in yellow with sword – Kill Bill
16) Gas station, Coal, hand, Man – Zoolander
17) Bomb, Man in bomb suit, Army uniform, Iraq – The Hurt Locker
18) Bus, Ship, Backpack, Alaska – Into The Wild
19) Football, Tennessee, Helmet, #74 – The Blind Side
20) Bat, green building, Cat, Cave – The Dark Knight Rises
21) Piano, Swastika uniform, fingers, Hitler – The Pianist
22) Mountain, rock, camera, backpack – 127 Hours
23) Weigh balance, hammer, blonde lady, H – Legally Blonde
24) Ball, rings, stethoscope, cat – Meet The Parents
25) Old Man, Rifle, Face covered, Car – Gran Torino
26) Barrel, Graduation, Car with two people, Id with age 21 – Superbad
27) Pirate Ship, Treasure, Anchor, Pirate symbol – Pirates Of The Carribean
28) Airplane, Man crying, Airplane explosion, alcohol – Flight
29) Photo, Arm with tattoo, Sleeping, SC137IU – Memento
30) Man with medals, Light house, Star medal, boy and girl in love – Moonrise Kingdom

1990’s Set 1 Answers
1) Lamp, Monkey, Lamp, Carpet – Aladdin
2) Black coolers, binary numbers, full body coat, blue and red pills – The Matrix
3) Cupboard, Sofa, A boy, ghost – The Sixth Sense
4) Ghost mask, Pop Corn, blood, knife – Scream
5) Shield / badge, a lady with yellow hair, Cardboard box, bible – Seven
6) Uk flag, Gun, detective, teeth – Austin Powers
7) Island, Dna structure, Dinosaur, Mosquito – Jurassic Park
8) Man with hook in his hand, Ball and pins, Hat, Cart – Kingpin
9) Pink mountain, Shield, Dogs, Whale – Ace Ventura
10) A black board, cleaning bucket, sofa, Massachusetts – Good Will Hunting
11) Baseball bat, Woman running, Army man, orange – A league Of Their Own
12) Island, Toilet, Ship, sea – Waterworld
13) Soap, fist, book, A person with black eye – Fight Club
14) Alien Ship, Aircraft, USA flag, white house – Independence Day
15) Laptop, Helicopter, Floppy disc, A person in rope – Mission Impossible
16) Anchor, Hammer, USA flag – A Few Good Men
17) Copier, Stapler, Paper, Disabled symbol – Office Space
18) Sword, Globe, guitar, spectacles – Waynes World
19) Hitler uniform, stripes, Bald man, car door – American History X
20) Alarm clock, bus, calendar, mongoose – Groundhog Day
21) Car fall sign, Car, badge, two women – Thelma and Louise
22) Weapon, Lightning bolt, fire, monstrous man – Frankenstein
23) Teeth, Pistol / gun, insects, flower – Magnolia
24) White house, flight / airplane, symbol, president of USA seal – Air Force One
25) Pig, uniform with many medals, island, a broken glass – Lord Of The Flies
26) Apron, Tv, Teeth, bridge – Mrs Doubtfire
27) Red shoe with high heels, golden necklace, Woman in pink dress, chess – Pretty Woman
28) Black hat, rifle, horse, old woman – Unforgiven
29) Airplane / Flight, hand cuffs, Injection, Pink teddy bear – Con Air
30) Man in suit, Rifle, specs / glass, suitcase – Falling Down
1980’s Set 1 Answers
1) Bat, boomerang, Cave, joker – Batman
2) White Ribbon, bicycle, bird, karate – Karate Kid
3) Bicycle, candy, skeleton, treasure – The Goonies
4) Green tree, television, ghost, girl crying – Poltergeist
5) Book, sword, glove, wine bottle with two cups – The Princess Bride
6) Car, Rope with a cup, Liberty statue, ghost – Ghostbusters
7) A pilot in blue uniform, Airplane, white bottle, man in blue clothes – Airplane
8) Cowboy hat, two guns, bushes singing, flag – The Three Amigos
9) Drugs, gun, A face with scar, chainsaw – Scarface
10) bugs / beetle, A fat man in blazer, skeleton, snake – Beetlejuice
11) A tall building, car, badge, feet – Die Hard
12) A glass of water, sun, a man with funny haircut and coolers, clock – Gremlins
13) Gems, bicycle, telephone, a flower pot – ET
14) Baseball bat, underwear, D, bull – Bull Durham
15) Poison, Typewriter, coffee, people smiling – 9 to 5
16) Reading glass, alpha beta, pens – Revenge Of The Nerds
17) Rope, gun, spanner, pipe – Clue
18) Red boxing gloves, bull, mike, belt – Raging Bull
19) Man dancing, watermelon, child, garland – Dirty Dancing
20) Pink undies, Barrel, Man exercising, cake with candles – Sixteen Candles
21) Mike, flag, guitar, plane crash – La Bamba
22) Baby smiling, Motorbike, badge, Arizona – Raising Arizona
23) Golf ball, shoes, ship, rodent – Caddyshack
24) Ship, ball with pins, golf, floater – Overboard
25) Badge, B. Hills California, drugs, portrait – Beverly Hills Cop
26) Playing card, Car, Underwear, K – Rain Man
27) Piano, old man, coffin, candle – Amadeus
28) A kid riding bicycle, Man sleeping, two dolls, axe – The Shining
29) Maze, Owl, Castle, predicting bowl – Labyrinth
30) Brain, King, doors, desk – Breakfast Club

1970s And Before Answers
1) Scare crow, witch hat, lion, tornado – The Wizard Of Oz
2) Whale, Sand, swimming, ship – Jaws
3) News, Specs, Eiffel tower, krypton – Superman
3) Boxing gloves, hen, rock, bell – Rocky
4) Volcano, car, coat, T bird – Grease
5) Gorilla, Liberty statue, cage, astronaut – Planet Of The Apes
6) Flag, rifle, house, bride dress – Gone With The Wind
7) Bible, bed, cross, father – The Exorcist
8) Man with hook, castle, fairy, crocodile – Peter Pan
9) Cart, horse, stadium, helmet – Ben Hur
10) Weighing machine, cards, eggs, hand cuffs – Cool Hand Luke
11) Beer, house, wooden sword, man with beard – Animal House
12) Boots, liberty statue, medicines, bus – Midnight Cowboy
13) Bath tub, knife, man sleeping, house on hill top – Psycho
14) Lady dancing, Nazi, Hat, music – Cabaret
15) Mouse, broom, dragon, Wizard hat – Fantasia
16) Hand, wizard, sky, sword with green light – Star Wars
17) Carved pumpkin, mask, blood, knife – Halloween
18) Lady, pistol / gun, taxi, a man with weird hairstyle and coolers – Taxi Driver
19) Stick, rope, milk, eyeball – A Clockwork Orange
20) Billiards table, currency, cigarettes, man with coat – The Hustler
21) Car, rifle, flower, horse – The Godfather
22) Nun, clock, music, man – The Sound Of Music
23) Piano, hat, cigarette, Airplane – Casablanca
24) Two girls, trap, marriage, house – The Parent Trap
25) Swimming, swimming pool, house, graduation hat – The Graduate
26) Gorilla, tall building, girl crying, Airplane – King Kong
27) Umbrella, man with umbrella, merry go round, penguin – Mary Poppins
28) Flag, ship, pond, shore – Apocalypse Now
29) Bat, sun, Dracula – Dracula
30) Pond, pig, boat in hand, music instrument – Deliverance
31) Whale, aircraft, knife, liberty statue – West Side Story
00s and beyond Set 2 Answers
1) Santa Clause hat, North pole, Liberty Statue, Green pants – ELF
2) VHS, TV, Ghost, white circle – The Ring
3) A boy running, grapes, Cuckoo, Arrow – The Hunger Games
4) Money, Mississippi, book, pie – The Help
5) Wand, Broom, Specs, Shawl – Harry Potter
6) Frog, Pig, Puppet, Screen – The Muppets
7) Baseball bat, California, Money, A’s – Moneyball
8) Boxing gloves, lady running, Blood bag, Bed – Million Dollar Baby
9) Island, Ball, beard, plane crash – Cast Away
10) Blue plastic bottle with straw, Tic tac, shorts, pregnant lady – Juno
11) Football, two persons shaking hands, field map, South African flag – Invictus
12) Laptop, binary no’s 0 and 1, H, Facebook – The Social Network
13) Two wine glasses, rings, football, Ship – Wedding Crashers
14) Coolers, Walking stick, Piano, music – Ray
15) House, Tv, Train, India – Slumdog Millionaire
16) Bat, Straw man, Pink teddy bear, Cave – Batman Begins
17) Indian, Hawk, Gun, Man in red dress – The Royal Tenenbaums
18) Tiger, broken teeth, baby, dice – The Hangover
19) Disc, Notes, Bus, Red cup – Almost Famous
20) Lady with yellow hair, drink, Typewriter, Liberty statue – Sex And The City
21) Vampire, Wolf, boot, world – Twilight
22) Horse, A person riding a horse, sea, Finish – Seabiscuit
23) Roller, Pie, Knife, music – Sweeney Todd
24) Flag, Aircraft, Helmet, Heart – Iron Man
25) Ring, two towers, archer, eye – The Lord Of The Rings
26) Signal tower, ice-cream, Bible, Snowball – There Will Be Blood
27) Beard, red hat, alcohol, man in mask – Bad Santa
28) Lady dancing, black dress, mirror, swan – Black Swan
29) Alcohol, Grapes, A person crying, California – Sideways
30) Guitar, Alcohol, Cowboy boot, Hat – Walk The Line

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