What’s The Movie? by Iddiction Answers

What’s The Movie? by Iddiction is different from other guess the movie apps in one simple way, you will be provided with images from the movie and the release date of the movie. You can guess the movie with the help of more images or by removing extra letters and with hints. All this can be done by buying more coins, if you are stuck in any level don’t worry I will be updating this post with answers to all levels.
what's the movie answers
What’s The Movie? Level 1 Answers
1) Godzilla
2) Liar Liar
3) Rocky
4) Braveheart
5) Mission Impossible
6) Aladdin
7) Ice Age
8) Gladiator
9) Batman Forever
10) The Matrix
What’s The Movie? Level 2 Answers
1) Ocean’s Eleven
2) The Sixth Sense
3) Dumb And Dumber
4) Cars
5) The Handover
6) Big Fish
7) The Party

8) Die Hard
9) Top Gun
10) Iron Man