Whats the Show Answers

Whats the Show is a new app by James Porter, they are already famous for Whats the Movie app which topped the iTunes for more than a month. This game involves identifying the tv series with the help of 4 pictures displayed, you can use coins to reveal letters or remove extra letters. Here are the solutions for all levels of Whats the Show, share your queries in the comment section.
whats the show answers
Whats the Show 2000s I Answers
1 – Island, Plane crash – Lost
2 – Shield, Gas Mask, Sniper, 01:43 – 24
3 – Stethoscope, Writing pad, Dog, Green Uniform – Scrubs
4 – Blue tea cup, Dinosaur, Monkey – Friends
5 – Injection in blue and black color, Chemicals, Baby, Man in yellow suit – Breaking Bad
6 – Camera, Cassette, Rifle, Police – The Wire
7 – Two fangs, blood, Trueblood – True Blood
8 – Wheel chair, changing room, Man and woman dancing, Music – Glee
9 – State maps, Men and Women in suits, Psychiatrist – The Sopranos
10 – Walking stick, pills, Stethoscope, Piano – House

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