Who’s the Bobble Answers

Who’s the Bobble? is an awesome game developed by famous Bobbleshop the makers of “Bobbleshop – the Bobble Head Avatar Maker”. Reveal the parts of the bobble and identify who the bobble is, you can use coins to get hints and help. You can find solution to all levels here. If you need help with any specific level comment below.
whos the bobble
Level 1 – Abe Lincoln (Historical Person)
Level 2 – Ellen Degeneres (Tv Personality)
Level 3 – James Bond (Movie Character)
Level 4 – Psy (Music Celebrity)
Level 5 – Albert Einstein (Historical Person)
Level 6 – Mr. T (Tv Personality)
Level 7 – Fictional Character (Harry Potter)
Level 8 – Mister Spock (Fictional Character)
Level 9 – Woody Allen (Movie Celebrity)
Level 10 – Mark Twain (Historical Person)
Level 11 – Elvis Presley (Movie Celebrity)
Level 12 – Dr. King (Historical Person)
Level 13 – Sheriff Woody (Fictional Character)
Level 14 – Barack Obama (Political Person)
Level 15 – Bilbo Baggins (Fictional Character)

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